• 12 Jul, 2024

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has successfully cleared a backlog of over 2.5 million modifications to the National Identification Number (NIN) records.

According to Engineer Abisoye Coker-Odusote, the Acting Director-General of NIMC, this achievement reflects the NIMC's commitment to providing secure and universally recognized identity documentation to all Nigerians.

The NIMC's dedicated teams have been working tirelessly to process these backlogs and are determined to continue to provide citizens with a streamlined experience when obtaining their NINs. Coker-Odusote also acknowledges the challenges that Nigerians have experienced in the past and appreciates their patience during this period.

To address any concerns that may arise, the NIMC is in the process of establishing a robust communication system to facilitate the logging of complaints and the resolution of issues promptly. The agency is also investing in world-class infrastructure to better serve the Nigerian population, recognizing that a strong and modernized infrastructure is crucial for delivering efficient and reliable services to all citizens.