• 12 Jul, 2024


The NigerianCBCS is a groundbreaking marketplace that unites communities. We're bringing together Nigerian professionals to provide exceptional one-stop-shop services that are uniquely tailored to Nigerians. Our multi-billion-dollar idea is helping Nigerians live, work and play, and we're proud to offer a range of services that assist in fulfilling their basic needs.  

Citizen Services Made Easy    
The NigerianCBCS Citizen Service is a social service management company that offers guidance on accessing social services for Nigerians (children, youth, older adults, physically challenged) and their families living in the US. Our private company is dedicated to helping Nigeria and her citizens in the Diaspora, and we take pride in our ability to provide exceptional customer service.  

Get the Latest News and Business Productivity Tips    
At NigerianCBCS, we offer the latest community news, business productivity tools, and advertising tips for utilizing social media to achieve your business goals. Our services include:  

  • Email Marketing Campaigns: Build relationships, drive revenue, and achieve real results for your business in the United States.  
  • Business Services and Products : Web Presence, Travel Guide and Easy Visa Processing, In-Store Purchases and Savings, Business Verification, and Point of Sale (POS) Solutions.  
  • Brand & Identity: Branding is our specialty. We help repackage Nigerian ideas to match international standards, and we're excited to work with organizations that share our ambition for attention to detail.  
  • Print & Packaging: We help your product stand out with a brilliant look that attracts customer attention. Every project is an opportunity for us to do something new and exciting, and our best work is done when clients share our creative vision.  

Make a difference today with NigerianCBCS – the one-stop-shop for Nigerians in the Diaspora.