• 13 Jul, 2024

A Nigerian nurse working in the UK was recently dismissed from her job and deported after she allegedly offered unsolicited prayers to an elderly patient in her care.

Dr. Olufunmilayo brought the incident to light via a social media post, where he explained the consequences of the nurse's actions that violated the ethical standards of healthcare workers. 

The nurse had been working in the UK under an agency that provides care for elderly individuals. However, her actions took an unexpected turn when she reportedly prayed for a patient who was facing a terminal condition. In the UK, healthcare workers are bound by ethical standards that prohibit the imposition of religious views on patients, which the nurse had disregarded. 


As a result of the patient's complaint, the nurse was dismissed from her job and deported back to Nigeria. Dr. Olufunmilayo highlighted that healthcare workers are expected to prioritize their duties and focus on their job without incorporating religious beliefs that could be seen as an abuse of trust or misuse of their position. 

Roderick Mertz

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