• 12 Jul, 2024

On Friday, Festus Keyamo, the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, inaugurated the N1 billion Export Processing & Packaging Centre (EPPC) at Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA), Lagos, aimed at enhancing cargo exports.

Keyamo assured NAHCO PLC of continued support in the cargo export business, emphasising revenue growth. He noted that with advanced equipment and expertise, challenges in exporting perishable goods will diminish, including shelf life, temperature control, packaging, handling, and regulatory compliance. He encouraged stakeholders to utilise the facility to boost Nigeria's export numbers, strengthen the Naira and positively impact the balance of payment position.

FAAN's Olubunmi Kuku represented Keyamo and highlighted FAAN's commitment to promoting cargo development. They had formed a committee to address facilitation challenges, particularly in exports. The Minister for Aviation and Aerospace Development established the Cargo Services Directorate in FAAN to enhance freight services and foster innovation.


During the commissioning, NAHCO's Chairman, Dr. Seinde Fadeni, expressed gratitude for the government's support in easing business challenges. He emphasised the importance of collaboration and urged the Federal Government to support NAHCO's efforts in advancing Nigerian aviation.

Fadeni emphasised NAHCO's belief in Nigeria's potential for food exports, stating that the livelihood and prosperity of many Nigerians depend on the export of perishables. He urged the federal government to convene stakeholders to propel the export segment forward and encouraged all involved parties to utilise the facility for export purposes.

Indranil Gupta, NAHCO's Group Managing Director, underscored the strategic significance of the facility, aiming to enhance Nigerian product competitiveness globally and create domestic employment. Gupta stressed the significance of this endeavour, stating that the EPPC provides office spaces for regulatory bodies and government agencies. He mentioned that the facility embodies NAHCO's commitment to quality, efficiency, global standards, and customer satisfaction.

Gupta underscored that the center embodies NAHCO's commitment not only to business but also to socio-economic empowerment. NAHCO anticipates ongoing collaboration for mutual benefit with cargo agents and valued clients of the facility.