Adjusting to a whole new way of living is one of the biggest challenges for expats. The NigerianCBCS Expat Services will help you overcome some of these challenges.

From start to finish, we’ll pick you up from the airport, familiarize you to your new neighborhood, local food and places of interest, and guide you in purchasing items to start your new life in Nigeria.

We make your stay in Nigeria blissful.

Expat Accommodation
Good accommodation is unarguably the most important factor to ensure a pleasant experience living in Nigeria. We will source for an accommodation of your preferences that you can truly call home.

Expat Banking
Choosing the right bank and opening a bank account could cause some headaches in Nigeria, Nigeriancbcs simplifies that process. Let us help you to a great start and sound financial footing in Nigeria banking system.

Local Language Courses
Language barriers pose many problems for expats. Just ordering food or asking for directions can be a mountainous task. Let our experienced tutors eliminate these communication challenges for you and your family.

Hire A Driver / Mechanics, or Run An Errands

Need a driver, auto mechanics, or simply need someone to run an errands. We’ll get the most trusted and dependable people you can rely on to do the tasks.

Expat Insurance

When you are unwell and away from home, all you wish is the best healthcare service possible. Avoid expensive medical bills with reliable insurance specially designed for expats in Nigeria.Nigeria!

We provide dedicated and honest domestic cleaning crew. We ensure only verified and certified crew members are dispatched to handle your requests so that you can devote more time to other important matters and events.

Fun-filled Family Friendly Activities that can enrich your new life in Nigeria.

Enjoy your social life in Nigeria with confidence. With security in mind, we’ll find you the right social gathering and entertainment activities that are exclusively catered for families who want to have a great time in Nigeria.

What are you waiting for?

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