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After many years of residency in the USA, my only brother, Scott Owo decided to return home once every year. He had made success and fortune. He was married to an African-American. They came home together a couple of times but things soon turned sower between them and were soon divorced having no child between them.

Scott Owo returned to Nigeria from US as is usual with him on the 11th of May, 1989. He came to make arrangements for one his family to return with him but that was not to be. He took ill on that visit and died the same month he returned home.

With no family of his in the USA, no one could account for his properties, bank deposits and other belongings. Everything was lost“

As his only surviving sibling, I desired to know what happened to all that my brother had worked for.

Thankfully, in the course of my searches, I stumbled upon the NigerianCBCS who are now helping with the process of tracking any of my cousin’s abandoned assets in the United States. I hope it turns out good.

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