A Bridge Connecting Government to its Citizens

In cases where there are unexpected circumstances, like the refugee crisis, immigration, and deportation issues, the NigerianCBCS is staffed well to handle all logistics. Our Citizen Service Logistic Support Systems can assist the Nigerian government and its agencies in the United States to reach out quickly to all our communities as fast as possible.

 Service Overview:

  1. Elections: Registration  / Oversea Voting Facilitations
    Emergency situations
  2. Sensors
  3. Travel Services,
  4. Trade / Diplomacy & Advocacy Services
  5. Civic Training and Cultural Exchange Programs
  6. Events Organizing /Management
  7. Expatriates Recruitment Services

NigerianCBCS makes our lives better!

The NigerianCBCS helps governments and agencies to better serve their constituents. With our state-of-art Citizen Services Technology, government agencies and (NGOs) can automate case management and incident reporting quickly.

Some of what we do:

  • Emergency Assistance.
  • International Parental Child Abduction ·
  • Report and follow up on the arrest of a Nigeria Citizen ·
  • Report on the death of a Nigerian. Citizen ·
  • Victims of Crime ·e.

The NigerianCBCS prides itself as the most trusted service center for Nigerian citizens living in the US and Canada. From our website, Nigerian citizens can submit or request information for assistance in emergency situations. All non-emergency services are provided by appointment. Alerts and Messages:
We send message alerts to Nigerian residents in the US in any emergency situations.
NigerianCBCS also help lost family member reconnect.