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Family Services: Mentoring, Resourses and more!

At the NigerianCBCs, we believe that strong families are the backbone of a healthy community, and a healthy community is good for us all. 

We place a high value on people who are always there to support our work with individuals, families, and children.

Whether it’s a problem at work or trouble with your kids, transportation issues, or financial struggles, the challenges of life can sometimes feel overwhelming. You need someone ‘who understands your values and culture. Someone who listens to you and is ready to give you advice. Someone who can help you find the resources you need to get back on track.

Building Stronger Families.

The Nigerian CBCS  is here for you, and for more than 1.5 million Nigerians living in the US

. Whether it’s counseling or parenting, educational advice, dispute resolution, assistance in time of bereavement, navigating social security benefits, securing a business loan, and crisis assistance, our many programs, and outreach services are designed to help individuals and families like yours.

Remember, Nigerian CBCS is always on your side!

NigerianCBCS builds stronger families by teaching children the Nigerian values necessary to face social, health, relationship and other critical challenges in the United States. 

Whether it’s counseling children, marriages or achieving the American Dream, our programs and services help strengthen families.

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