Immigration into Australia ‘is a giant ponzi scheme’

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Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the economy is in such trouble now that Australia “can’t afford the old idiocies of the past,” which includes the bipartisan consensus regarding a high net immigration rate.

“One of those idiocies is that idea that mass immigration is, of course, good for us,” he said.

“That we can import a quarter of a million immigrants every year and that just makes us richer”.

“Of course this giant Ponzi scheme makes us better off.”

It comes as Shadow Home Affairs Minister Kristina Keneally has sparked an internal party stoush by arguing Australians must get a first go at jobs as the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact aspects of society.

Ms. Keneally has written an op-ed in the Nine newspapers arguing that migration cannot remain at the same levels post-pandemic.

She said Australia could be “harmed” by an influx of temporary workers when restrictions are eased.

“We must make sure that Australians get a fair go and a first go at jobs,” Senator Keneally wrote.

Mr. Bolt said the wrath incurred by Ms. Keneally for “saying something so sane,” is she has now been “called a xenophobe and ignorant”.

Mr. Bolt also spoke with The Australian’s Judith Sloan who said she “didn’t quite get the objection” to what Ms. Keneally had said.


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